Fall Phenomenology

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Fall is a great time to highlight the phenomenon of how we adjust and change along with the seasons. Yes, it’s an obvious metaphor, but wait! There may be something new! Fall is more than letting go and appreciating colors, it has deep implications for how we live, from our relationships to our economy. Now I don’t have it all figured out, but here’s a few thoughts to get the discussion going.

Like our ancestors, we live in rhythm with seasonal shifts. The accumulation of these shifts show us how when we’re set in a pattern or routine, things change. No matter how the change happens, life gets real sooner or later. We seek truth when true colors are shown on the landscape, and we discover a realization of our limits when these colors turn from green to red to yellow to brown. Gradually, we realize with more urgency that every moment matters, how the days are getting short and the air cold. We instinctively soak in the sun, listen to the leaves before the branches are stripped bare, and we prepare for winter. If survival once depended on it, this is when we get our butts moving! Correlating into our personal lives, this ancient rhythm kicks us moderns into gear too: communication finds clarity in relationships, emotions are realized and expressed, and confrontations are made, whether interpersonal or to a friend. Sure, these sorts of things happen all year round, but I wonder if the experience of fall has an increased collective effort.  Continue reading “Fall Phenomenology”